Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines : FAMILY CONNECTIONS

“We all belong to a family system, and our connection to the system is unconscious. It happens out of love. This same love that ties us to the non-coherent patterns of the system, when it becomes conscious and coherent, becomes a force that leads us toward healing.” 

Magui Block, Psychotherapist

Being part of a family has its joys and challenges, even in the best of times. Parenting young children has its particular stresses. Parenting children during the years in which they are emancipating and getting established in their adult lives is a time of transition that can be trying both for the parents and the children. Children of elderly parents and other loved ones who face health challenges experience complex emotions, stresses and fears. In addition, we are living in complicated times, with violence, war, disease and cultural polarization affecting us all. 

Living Whole Online offers Live with Facilitator sessions during which we connect with each other in person over zoom. These experiences are designed to support all of us who are in families and want to develop conscious and coherent relationships through creating loving communities, enjoying each other and the resources that we have to share.