Living Whole Online’s Integrative Whole Health education programs strengthen your health and well-being through recorded and live courses taught by expert Facilitators.

When you engage with the Living Whole Online community, you become knowledgeable about self-care and can use the tools of Integrative Whole Health as you face your challenges with confidence, wisdom, flexibility, creativity, and hope.

Living Whole Online draws upon excellent resources offered by communities and practices from around the world in the service of good health and an optimistic outlook toward life. Our expert facilitators offer a spectrum of educational tools that help restore the balance of body, mind, and spirit.

What does it mean to be Living Whole?



Learn to practice Integrative Health and how to make transformative change with the support of the Living Whole Online community.

Living Whole Online (LWO) Tapas

What are LWO Tapas?

A solution if you feel your plate is too full.

LWO Tapas are inspired by the small plates of food in Spain that are shared around a table,
creating connections over deliciousness and conversation.
Unload your too-full plate onto smaller plates by engaging in our
three LWO Tapas offerings
and discovering integrative health solutions to your challenges.

Tapas a la Carte is your Health Library.

TLSeries: Tapas for Life Series to go more in depth.

Recorded films invite you to explore at your pace.
A Live session offers you the opportunity to connect directly with your facilitator and ask your questions.

The Doctor is IN: I Can Tell You Things Patients Don’t Tell Doctors

In the Conventional Medicine world, when the doctor is in, you can make a connection by phone, internet or in person.

In Living Whole Online, you discover that The Doctor is IN you.

During my 20 years serving as a primary care physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, I was surprised to discover that my patients were doing things for their health and healing that were not taught in medical training.

Some were practicing Integrative Health with an Integrative Health Practitioner or Integrative Health Coach. I’m so grateful that my patients opened my eyes and mind.

I learned about the enormous power that comes from education that unites the best in Conventional Medicine Education, Whole Plant-Based Food, Movement of the Body and Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines. I call this union Integrative Whole Health, and this is what you will experience in our courses.

With expert, visionary colleagues who offer integrative health solutions through their services as Facilitators, I co-founded and developed International Integrators and Living Whole Online. I hope you benefit from your holistic wellness experiences with us

Live With Facilitator Sessions

Would you like to go deeper into an issue with one of our Facilitators? Soon you will have the ease of a calendar to schedule a session. Until then, please write an email to and tell us with whom you would like a session, and we will respond promptly.

08 September 2024

Eating Your Way to Living Whole

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Lifestyle change is hard.
It’s one of your biggest challenges.
We make it easier for you.

Join Kathryn, David and a group of like-minded people
for a year* of support
as you shift toward a whole food, plant-based eating lifestyle.

*Includes 12 Live with Facilitator online sessions with:
Kathryn Hayward, MD and
David L. Thomas, Jr., JD, Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition

Join this group to ease your way and enjoy whole, plant-based meals, stories and laughter.
Space is limited

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