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Welcomes you to our Whole Health Program
Living Whole Online: Commit to Hope




How can Integrative, Whole Health benefit me?




As you continually strive toward better health, here you will find compassionate people who serve as expert resources in Living Whole.
Do you want to add more self-care and wellness strategies to your life?
Are you feeling stressed?
Are you facing health challenges?
Are you losing hope?
Through our Living Whole programs, you will develop Integrative, Whole Health skills.
Join this vibrant community and share resources, passion, and enthusiasm for life.

Living Well means Living Whole…

Happiness, Health and Abundance.

International Integrators

Our Mission is to enhance your life with balance, harmony and
hope through Integrative, Whole Health Strategies

To Live Well
To Live with Hope
To Face and Overcome Challenges with Balance and Harmony
To Lead a Life of Happiness, Health and Abundance

In Living Whole Online: Commit to Hope, you learn Integrative,
Whole Health strategies alongside our Living Whole experts who offer experiences that
enhance your health and well-being

Say Hello to an Optimistic Life!

We are so thrilled to welcome you to the Living Whole
Online community. Here’s why you will love Living Whole…

Kathryn Hayward, MD

Kathryn Hayward, MD believes in Integrative, Whole Health. With expert, visionary colleagues, she co-founded and developed International Integrators and Living Whole Online. She marvels at the power of collective action to manifest change. After serving for 20 years as a primary care physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, she now devotes herself to globally expanding the approach to collaborative education through Living Whole programs

Conventional Medicine

Integrating Conventional Medicine and Whole Health
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Whole, Plant-Based Foods

Foods boost our immunity
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Movement balances and harmonizes us
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Mind Body Spirit ART

Art reflects the times we live in
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Mind Body Spirit MUSIC

Music realigns our energy systems
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Mind Body Spirit Writing

Writing Expresses Our Insights and Feelings
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Mind Body Spirit ENERGY

Energy practices ground and align us
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Learn and Thrive Together
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Live Events with Facilitators

Exchanging Ideas with Facilitators
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