Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines : FILMMAKING

"I produced television programming for years. Never once did someone come up to me and say, “your work changed my life.” Now that happens to me regularly."

- John Corry, Filmmaker

Explore the boundless world of filmmaking with the guidance of our expert professionals in Living Whole Online. From scriptwriting to cinematography, lighting, sound, makeup, and wardrobe selection, you'll learn the art of creating both impactful marketing pieces for your brand and compelling narrative films to convey your idea as a cinematographic masterpiece.

In addition to honing your practical skills, you will also delve into the intricacies of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and the power of cinematic language. We believe that a great film not only captures stunning visuals but also speaks to the hearts and minds of the audience. Our program will empower you to harness the full spectrum of filmmaking, allowing you to create content that not only looks impressive but also resonates deeply, leaving a lasting impact on your viewers.