About Us

Education in Integrative Whole Health

Living Whole Online’s approach to Integrative Whole Health offers education that unites the best in Conventional Medicine, Whole Plant-Based Food, Movement of the Body and Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines which include the ways in which we focus our creativity.

Creation enhances healing, and our courses include Art, Music, Writing, Energy Practices, Photography, Filmmaking, and Family Connections.

The Journey of Living Whole Online: Fruition Starts with a Seed

The Living Whole seed was planted in 2013, when Dr. Kathryn Hayward and a group of like-minded professional colleagues created International Integrators, whose mission is to promote Integrative Whole Health globally. The seed sprouted and flourished when we began offering our Living Whole Immersion Retreats, bringing groups of people together in the redwood forests of California, mountains north of Madrid, Spain, and open spaces of western Massachusetts, until we ceased these gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Living Whole Online spread its roots during this pandemic, which focused a spotlight on the personal stories and worldwide areas of struggle and suffering that had been hidden in the shadows. The chaos and uncertainty invited a global heightening of awareness. We harnessed and focused the energy of this heightened awareness, jumping to a new level of understanding of ourselves and of our evolution.

We continue to live in complicated times. The coronavirus pandemic helped expose myriad health, economic, climate, and social stresses. During times of despair and change, above all, we seek hope and connection. We want to do more than survive...

We Want to THRIVE

To THRIVE, you make a commitment to invest in yourself

If you invest in yourself for 21 days, you can change a habit.
If you invest in yourself for 90 days, you can change your lifestyle.
If you keep investing, day after day, month after month, be amazed at how you THRIVE...

Who Are We?

  • We recognize that we are living in a new world
  • We want to thrive and have agency in this new world
  • We may live alone, live with partners, live with parents, live with children
  • We may care for aging parents and other loved ones
  • We may feel uncertain
  • We may feel lonely
  • We want to do our best with what we know when we know it
  • We want to be strong, powerful and grounded
  • We want to be with companions who understand
  • We want to help ourselves and others as best we can
  • We want to be strong, powerful and grounded
  • We want to guide our lives with kindness, compassion, wisdom and lightheartedness
  • We are learning about Living Whole

To Live Well, To Live with Hope
To Face And Overcome Challenges with Balance and Harmony
To Lead a Life of Happiness, Health and Abundance.