Gerald Forster

Gerald Forster

Curious, open minded and enthusiastic personality.
Husband and father of two boys, yogi and meditation practitioner and a passion for organic gardening.

After a 22 year successful career in Fashion and fine art photography, which awarded him with multiple awards and several solo exhibitions around the world, Gerald founded in 2015 the online media platform to encourage the exploration and growth of a mindful conscious lifestyle

Producing and directing an extensive video library of celebrated thought leaders and speakers of timeless wisdom. With the exclusive content of guided meditations, meditation courses, sound

submersions and video talks, the transformational media platform has helped create a change in the world felt by the larger collective

In 2020 he extended his reach with to support children with a fun evidence-based framework that invites the whole family with their kids and teachers and caregivers with their children, to bring mindfulness back to the home base and into the classroom

Gerald is committed to provide mindful engaging online programs to support children and teens to develop strong inner resources and to awaken their fullest potential to live their life’s with joy

He lives in New York City with his wife and two children ages seven & nine.