Melanie Cano, MD

Melanie Cano, MD

Dr. Melanie Cano is a Panamanian physician specializing in Human Nutrition and Metabolism with a Plant Based Nutrition perspective. 

Her background includes working in public hospitals with traditional medicine, world class private clinics with regenerative medicine and collaborating with international organizations in the nutrition field. This motivated her to dedicate her career to teaching her patients and students ways in which they can improve their lifestyle habits, using food as the medicine to prevent chronic diseases and live a life full of health and wellbeing. 

For this reason, she has a passion for cooking delicious and nutritious plant based meals and is constantly inspired to create new recipes, many of which you can find in her cookbooks. 

Whilst she has a scientific background and always stays up to date with the latest advances in her field, she also enjoys traveling around the world, following a healthy lifestyle, exercise and delving into other wellness activities which can enhance the experience she provides to her patients and students.

Melanie is excited to offer her expertise in Living Whole Online, collaborating with the other facilitators to enhance an Integrative Whole Health approach to life. 

You can find Melanie on social media as @somosplantpowered where she shares daily hacks or visit her website where you'll find information about her courses, cookbooks and eye-opening experiences.