David Read, MBA, MPH

David Read, MBA, MPH, Jr

David Read, MBA, MPH, has served as the Administrative Director for Cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and as Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. He is currently the Vice President of Ambulatory Care Operations and Medical Oncology at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts.

He is formerly Chairman of Board for the East Coast Greenway (ECG) project (www.greenway.org) which has a goal of promoting active living and non-motorized transportation along the eastern seaboard of the United States. This project creates a long-distance, urban, shared-use trail system linking 25 major cities along the eastern seaboard between Calais, Maine and Key West, Florida. David views trails, and the exercise they can provide, as a wonderful way to help prevent and combat heart disease, diabetes, child obesity, cancer and many other diseases.

David lives in Topsfield, Massachusetts with his wife and two children. He did his undergraduate work in medical technology at Northeastern University. He then received an MBA from Boston College and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University where he studied epidemiology and health policy.

David also has his pilot’s license and has done historical research on the Halifax explosion of 1917. His major hobby is woodworking (www.davidreadwoodworking.com) and he has made many pieces of furniture.

He is excited to contribute his professional expertise, passion for fitness, and life experience to Living Whole Online.