Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I become a Facilitator?
    We would love to hear from you! Please write to us at and tell us about yourself and why you would like to collaborate with us.
  2. Why do I see someone on the Facilitator’s page and I don’t see any content from them?
    We are still in our Pre-Launch phase. Each day you will see more programs added to the website!
  3. I want to give a Living Whole Online Membership as a gift for a friend. How can I do that?
    Please write to us at and we will help you.
  4. What are the requirements to be a Facilitator?
    Our community of facilitators has expertise in many areas, and all have an Integrative, Whole Health perspective on health and healing. Send us an email at with your questions and we will respond to you soon.
  5. What is the average content that I would have access to with my membership?
    This is going to vary considerably. Every day, we are adding content from our current facilitators and more facilitators are joining each week. Keep checking in on the website and stay updated!
  6. If I am paying the $20 membership fee from the Pre-Launch and I cancel and then I want to become a member again, will I have to pay $25/month?
    Yes. The Pre-Launch was a special one-time program.
  7. May I share my membership with someone else?
    We ask that each Living Whole Online participant pay for an individual membership. Energy flows in many forms, and the energy of money is powerful. When you pay your monthly investment, you enhance your health by investing in yourself, and you contribute to the health of the Living Whole Online community. The Facilitators who collaborate with you and the community by sharing their wonderful content love doing what they do and appreciate your doing your part in compensating them for their work.
  8. How do I make a scholarship gift to Living Whole Online?
    We appreciate your kindness in asking this question. There are people who would love and appreciate financial help so that they can become participants of Living Whole Online. Please email us at and we will reply soon.