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Kathryn Hayward, MD with Maia Ibar and Tristan Martineau:

Bathing in Sound to Heal

Kathryn had never been in a “Sound Bath” until the first Living Whole immersion retreat in the California redwood forest in 2015. Maia and Tristan had all 35 participants in the retreat lie down on the floor with pillows and blankets, close their eyes and begin relaxed breathing. Kathryn cannot find adequate words to capture what happened to her body, mind and spirit. She had never before felt the sensations that washed over and through her body as Maia and Tristan filled the room with sound. When she emerged from the experience, she felt something magical had happened…she felt renewed, joyful, peaceful. She knew that Sound Baths had to become an essential part of all future Living Whole experiences.

A few months later, she asked Maia to write a blog for the International Integrators website, and here is an excerpt (read the full 1/18/16 blog here):

“I have always been passionate about sound since I was a child. Music got me through almost every emotional situation I have ever experienced. Music has helped me explore all emotions more deeply, whether they be sadness, anger, happiness, excitement, fear, disgust or surprise. Sound has brought me back to moments of my life that I want to remember or parts or my life that I don’t want to remember. It isn’t just a song or a sound anymore; it becomes a part of my life. It brings me back, it moves me forward, it pumps me up, it calms me down. Sound connects crowds; it brings people together. Melodies, notes, tones, frequencies, beats, can make your heart sing, get you out of your head, make your legs dance, burst you into tears or laughter, release an old pain, remember a special person who has passed, or the first time you fell in love, or your first heart break.

In one instant music has the power to change one feeling to another, it’s that quick.

For this Sound Bath, set your device nearby. Lie down in a comfortable place and wrap yourself in coziness. Begin breathing easily. Press “start” and let Maia and Tristan’s music fill you, empty you, connect you, transport you, love you.