Mathieu Gilbert is a registered Sommelier and Restaurant Service Instructor in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gilbert grew up in Montreal, Quebec and began his hospitality career in Banff, Alberta in 2001. He is a passionate teacher and a dedicated student, constantly expanding his knowledge base and discovering new, innovative strategies to share his journey with others.

Starting as a waiter, his passion for food and wine led him to complete a sommelier diploma from Ecole Hotelière de Laval in 2006.

Gilbert’s career took him to Switzerland to teach at two of the most prestigious hospitality schools in the world. For over a decade, he expanded his knowledge and skills as a Professional Service Instructor at Ecole Hotelière de Glion teaching restaurant management, developing educational programs in wine tasting, food pairing and overall hospitality.

Upon his return to Canada in 2017, he moved to BC and continued working as a hospitality trainer for Gateway Casinos, then returned to teaching in a school setting at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. Now he is the owner of Mad Scientist Sommelier, the personalized sommelier concierge service.