Magui Block has been a psychotherapist for more than 25 years and has training in several specialties, including Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Approach, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt work with children and adolescents, Dreams, Bionomics (body therapy), Symptoms, Family Constellations, Humanist Family Therapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis. In addition, she has a degree in administration.

Her main interest is in creating tools to help more people to transform with love. So, she created her own system in order to achieve extraordinary results in a very short time. Magui currently offers growth workshops, trains professional facilitators in the Magui Block® method and gives private consultations.

Magui is fluent in both Spanish and English.

She is the author of the books “Heal Your Family” (in English and Spanish) and “Toxic Relationships” (In Spanish only). She also offers a lot of free material through her networks.

You can contact Magui and learn more about her here:

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