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Fine Furniture Therapy: How does a dad, busy executive and environmental philanthropist relax with woodworking?

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I hope that with the Living Whole videos people watch, they will replicate some of my projects. Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery when it comes to woodworking techniques.”
                                                                                    David Read

David Read is Vice President of Medical Oncology of the Dana Farber Cancer institute, guiding hundreds of doctors and staff to help people with cancer. He is also a husband and the dad of two busy teens and one of the board chairs of the East Coast Greenway, a non-motorized path that stretches from the Canadian border to the tip of Florida. He relaxes from these activities and pressures with woodworking and has made some gorgeous fine furniture. When does he find time to do this?

I’ve cobbled my sleep disorder into a very good hobby.
                                                                                    David Read

 David studied business and public health and earned both an MBA and an MPH. During his years of education, he became an avid cyclist and philanthropist for causes that supported cures for illnesses. He runs cycle tours, scavenger hunts and other events that brought people together for fun, community and raising money. His projects have always been focused on improving quality of life. David has served on the Advisory Council of International Integrators and Living Whole since the beginning.

 What we are trying to do with Living Whole is to show the diversity of what people can do to improve their lives…diet, relaxation, hobbies, travel…
                                                                                    David Read 

David’s father had been a finish carpenter, and David found woodworking through a course when he was still in his 20s. He loves expressing himself artistically, designing and making something new. Some pieces have been made to fill a need in his home and others are for gifts to loved ones. He has never sold a piece of furniture and never wants to, saying that he wants to keep these activities as a hobby that helps him relax and express himself.

 I find it to be very therapeutic to have some pieces my own furniture that I made.

 Kathryn and David’s conversation takes them from an in-person chat in David’s living room to the basement of his home where he has a full woodworking workshop. He demonstrates many of his pieces and talks about his “how to” videos that are on the Living Whole Online website. Here are some questions that David answers. 

  • How does David collaborate with others, including his son, on woodworking projects?
  • What safety rules does David follow?
  • How does David’s life reflect the philosophy of Living Whole?
  • What is rewarding about doing an arduous family bike trip?
  • How has David’s daughter Stephanie contributed to Living Whole Online?
  • What other activities is David contributing to Living Whole Online?

 My wife will say, “we need a table this size and we need it here and this is your deadline to get it done.”
                                                                                    David Read 

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