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SUPERHERO Meditation Course for KIDS

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The Superhero Meditation Course for KIDS provides an engaging, fun evidence-based framework that invites the whole family with their kids, and teachers and caregivers with their children — suggested age range 5 to 10 — to playfully discover various breath meditations.The meditation lessons are based on unique time tested wisdom, that will help support your children to become more resilience to the ever increasing life challenges.

These teachings have been redefined, and brought together as a complete guide for all and everybody who loves kids.


  1. Reduces stress and feeling of being overwhelmed
  2. Improves sleep quality
  3. Increases the ability to focus
  4. Calms down and regulates strong emotions
  5. Increases self awareness
  6. Enables responding rather than reacting impulsively
  7. Increases empathy for self and others
  8. Improves relationships

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