What is Often More Powerful Than What a Doctor Writes on a Prescription Pad?

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Kathryn and Laurie’s conversation explores these themes, and much more:

We take those really difficult patients who desire to get better, but they just are not getting better under the standard of care guidelines, which is basically more medications and more tests. We work with the patients to see what they can do in their own lives, what they have control over, they are eating, their sleep, their stress, their exercise and many other things.

  • Why is it a good idea for people to join both Plant-Based Telehealth. and Living Whole Online?
  • What did Laurie learn from a young woman taking ADD medications who changed her diet to whole food plant-based for one month?
  • What is Healthy Human Revolution?
  • How has the pandemic influenced people’s perceptions of telemedicine?
  • One of Laurie’s patients developed diabetes and went on a plant-based diet. Soon afterward, he became sick with Covid and was hospitalized for a week. What was notable about how he described his experience?
  • How did Laurie’s husband’s health change when the family adopted to a whole food plant-based lifestyle?
  • What is included in Laurie’s 30-page handout describing how to transition to a whole food plant-based diet?
  • What tools is Laurie offering to mentor physicians about lifestyle medicine?

I have two messages:

  1. There is hope in every situation. Don’t give up hope.
  2. Share the work. Share the work that we’re doing, share the work that Living Whole Online is doing,

 Share this message because our world is in serious danger. We have to be responsible not only for our own health but our environmental health, our family health, our communities, our world at large.

Making better choices individually means we can influence collective action around the world. 

If you want your grandchildren to live in a better world, you need to make better decisions today for yourself and your family.
                                                                                      Laurie Marbas, MD, MBA

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