Out of a Movement Class Emerges a Whole Health Friendship

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John Andrew (JA) Wesley and Marie Pampanin met years ago when JA happened to take one of Marie’s fitness classes and fell in love with her skill, warmth and kindness. Their friendship soon blossomed into a cooking journey that is a beautiful model for people who are looking for connection and comraderie while they share the fun of making and eating delicious food.

 There is a level of unique love and joy that Marie has. People feel seen and heard.
                                                                                    John Andrew Wesley, MD

Marie’s passion for both fitness and psychology has developed into a healing career that addresses mind and body awareness in her Life Coaching practice, which is enhanced by her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Marie currently serves as Director of Group Fitness and Pilates at the award winning Parkpoint Health Club.

John Andrew’s undergraduate education was in music, and trumpet is his instrument. Later, he studied medicine and his journey as a physician has led him to focus on the care of people with HIV. He works on the Santa Rosa Community Health HIV Team. JA has been a participant in several Integrative, Whole Health retreats, including LEAPS, HEART and Living Whole immersion retreats in California and Spain.

JA brings to his friendships and relationships the passion for the things that he’s learning, and he does it selflessly.
                                                                                    Marie Pampanin

In their conversation with Kathryn, they share why they are excited to be Facilitators in Living Whole Online. JA is one of the Facilitators for Sobremesa Conversations, and he describes how he will bring together delicious food, drink and community.

Here are some of the themes that JA, Marie and Kathryn explore during this conversation:

  • Why did JA and Marie decide to have weekly get-togethers?
  • What is the cooking journey that they have been exploring together?
  • How does Marie’s experience working with at risk youth influence her view of helping people heal?
  • How do Marie and JA’s relationship model a way in which people can support each other?
  • How do JA and Marie see Integrative, Whole Health as being helpful to people during this challenging time?
  • What is one word that Kathryn thinks describes Living Whole Online and Living Whole immersion retreats?
  • What are new ways that people have learned to support each other during the pandemic?
  • How is Living Whole Online a program about listening, communicating, bridging gaps?

Now, more than ever, Integrative Health is so important. Having a space like this online that’s a safe space for people to come together to both learn and grow as a community is so vital.
                                                                                    John Andrew Wesley, MD

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