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It isn’t Over Yet: How Living Whole Online Helps Us Thrive During These Continuingly Uncertain Times

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Oscar Ruiz and Kelly Blake are International Integrators Advisory Council members. They are also parents, entrepreneurs, global citizens, visionaries and philanthropists who care deeply about what is happening in our world.

Beyond Covid this year, people have suffered political unrest, they’ve suffered climate change, storms, hurricanes, polar vortex…everyone has been touched by the issues raised by Black Lives Matter…I feel like we keep calling it Covid, but it’s so much more…on top of the regular vicissitudes that life always has.                                                                                    Kelly Blake

Kathryn Hayward is a conventionally trained primary care internist who has embraced and teaches about Integrative, Whole Health.

Over the course of my career, I began looking outside of the confines of what I had learned in conventional medical school to learn about other ways of taking care of health and healing.
                                                                                    Kathryn Hayward, MD

 In this podcast, Kelly, Oscar and Kathryn converse about the personal, social, cultural, health and economic issues that the pandemic has spotlighted, and how Living Whole Online serves to help by bringing together a community of people who support one another to grow, learn, evolve and transform through a Whole Health approach to life.

It was a huge relief to me to be able to practice medicine in an Integrative, Whole Health way, in contrast to what my medical practice at Mass General was increasingly becoming.
                                                                                    Kathryn Hayward, MD

Here are some themes of interest:

  • How did Kathryn move beyond the confines of the conventional medicine system and embrace an Integrative, Whole Health approach?
  • What is one of the most important aspects of Living Whole immersion retreats?
  • Decades ago, how did the growing popularity of CAM therapies (complementary and alternative medicine therapies) influence the current Whole Health model?
  • What happened when one of Kathryn’s patients who had a heel spur went to an acupuncturist?
  • How did spending a day with an acupuncturist change the course of Kathryn’s life?
  • Why does Living Whole Online include, among its Mind/Body/Spirit Disciplines, Energy Practices, Music, Art, Writing, Photography and Filmmaking?
  • How is learning to listen, really listen, to ourselves and others, help us during these uncertain and challenging times?
  • What did comedian Trevor Noah say that has had a lasting impact on Kathryn’s view of health and healing?

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