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The Covid Generation: Guiding Pre-Teens And Teens As They Pursue Their Dreams

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Jill Kantrowitz Kunkel is passionate about many things, including her children, vibrant colors and upending inequity in the fields of public health and education access. Her professional career has been focused within the non-profit sector for nearly 25 years in the fields of public health and education access.

One of the biggest impacts on her family of the pandemic was that Jill’s very active two pre-teen boys had to adjust to an indoor life after years of playing 2 sports per season and running freely outside.

When it’s a year of your life when you’re 10, that’s a 10th of your life, The part of your life that you remember is dominated by this. It’s confusing. You don’t have perspective that there’s another way to live.
                                                                                            Jill Kantrowitz Kunkel

Most interested and skilled in the individual level of intervention, Jill’s professional work focuses on fighting for social and racial justice, helping teens optimize their educational and professional pursuits. She and Kathryn conversed about her home life and her work, with special attention paid to these themes:

  • After a year of kids losing organized activities, what are they feeling as they anticipate the world opening back up?
  • How do you describe the pull of the familiar during the pandemic as you anticipate helping people adjust to not being in a lockdown situation?
  • What has your family’s experience of fear been throughout the months of the pandemic?
  • How can parents help their children develop perspective about what is going on during the pandemic?
  • What has been the unique impact of the pandemic on parents whose children are at home?
  • What is the first taste and the second taste?
  • How has self-judgment and judgment of others played out during the pandemic?
  • What does the term “The Covid Generation” mean?

Jill promises to bring humor and reflection on both winning and failed attempts at managing this time as a parent and worker as well as new ideas to spur on your own personal growth.

If you dream of a more equitable world, people don’t fight for it unless it’s in their face
                                                                                          Jill Kantrowitz Kunkel


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