Kristy KING

Kristy King, MD has a special interest in integrative medicine. She is thrilled to be a part of the International Integrators team and participate in Living Whole Online! In her practice of medicine, Dr. King’s focus is on the whole person, uniting the best of conventional medicine with nutrition, movement and other mind/body/spirit disciplines to support each individual’s unique balance and innate capacity to heal.

Dr. King’s academic career began at the University of British Columbia, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts, with a focus on English Literature. She spent several years traveling and exploring her passion for theatre, and worked as a dive and sailing instructor in the Caribbean. Following a profoundly healing experience, Dr. King was inspired to pursue studies in naturopathic medicine. Her studies led her to see more clearly the need for an integrative approach to health care to bridge the best of conventional medicine with complementary and natural medical modalities. She completed her medical residency training at the University of Washington, where she was recognized for excellence in family medicine and for her scholarly activities in evidence-based medicine. Dr. King also completed a two-year fellowship in integrative medicine through the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

During medical school, Dr. King co-founded International Integrators, a collaborative, global community dedicated to the promotion of integrative health. As part of International Integrators, Dr. King designs and facilitates wellness retreats and seminars both in-person and online. Dr. King has specialized training in plant-based nutrition and mindful movement. She believes in a personalized, preventative approach to health care, and works with her patients to investigate the root cause of symptoms and health concerns. She engages the healing power of community through group visits and collective experiences to promote optimal health and well-being through connection with others.

Dr. King recognizes that many medical needs and services do not require an in-person appointment and utilizes advancing technology to offer the convenience and accessibility of virtual, interactive visits.

She hopes to establish a community of patients striving to incorporate and maintain positive lifestyle and self-care strategies to optimize their well-being.