I have long assumed that my working life was destined to be random: a hodge-podge of different jobs, in different locations, one job ending and, miraculously, the next about to begin. But after numerous conversations with Kathryn Hayward, I began to see a pattern and an over-arching spiritual purpose.

Following college, I found myself at Yale Drama School, in a doctoral program training theatre critics. (I was decades away from meeting Kathryn, but surely she would have asked: “You’re being trained for a career as Judge Globalizer? Bad idea!”). After I dropped out, I wandered into my brilliant career: attendant in an alcohol and drug treatment center, where I ran workshops for beautiful, damaged kids struggling with addiction; counselor in a drug diversion program, moving addicts into treatment as an alternative to prison; grant writer for a non-profit, where I secured funding for a court-based mediation program in Framingham; administrator for a state job training program targeting under-skilled workers; operations director for a state-wide literacy campaign; and finally, I ventured into the long-dreaded private sector, where I trained business owners in returning injured workers to productive employment.

Perhaps you can detect – far faster than I did – the linear connections throughout my working life. You may also sense how this varied experience led me to International Integrators, where I am delighted to join a talented and diverse team that specializes in connecting those elusive, deeply spiritual dots.