Jill Kantrowitz Kunkel is skilled in pontificating about her primary areas of expertise. Passionate about many things, including her children, vibrant colors and upending inequity in the fields of public health and education access, her professional career has been focused within the non-profit sector for nearly 25 years in the fields of public health and education access.

Jill holds a BA degree in Psychology/Sociology from Wesleyan University in Connecticut and an MA degree from the University of North Carolina in the field of Health Behavior and Health Education.

Most interested and skilled in the individual level of intervention, Jill looks forward to contributing her voice to Living Whole Online by sharing her ongoing observations, experiences and learning in parenting middle school-aged children, fighting for social and racial justice and engaging meaningfully in family and friend relationships, particularly in the time of COVID-19.

Jill promises to bring humor, reflection on both winning and failed attempts at managing this time as a parent and worker as well as new ideas to spur on your own personal pontification.