Theme of the Month

Theme-of-the-Month with Dr. Kathryn Hayward

At the beginning of every month, from November – July, Living Whole Online will send you a descriptive and experiential video with Kathryn Hayward, MD that explores the Theme of the Month.  Kathryn will help you weave into your month the Integrative Health themes that include:


Odyssey Family Systems Parts 1, 2 and 3
Do you find that you hold yourself back?
Do you get into conflicts with others, and/or criticize yourself?
Do you repeat these patterns over and over?

We will devote December, January and February to working with these themes and practicing ways to break out of these patterns and create new ways of being in our relationships with ourselves and others.

Generous and Reflective Listening Parts 1 and 2

Listening, really listening, to ourselves and to others is a skill that always enhances the peace, joy and compassion in our lives. We will explore these themes and practice exercises that hone our abilities to be present to the inner thoughts and feelings of ourselves and those we care about.

All of us feel some sense of blame, guilt, anger and regret for things that we did in the past or things that were done to us or those we love. Left alone, these feelings can tear us apart inside and tear apart our social fabric.

Forgiving is a powerful way to repair these injuries and to break the strong bonds that we have with those who have harmed us and those we have harmed so that we can live with ease and freedom from having old wounds dominate our lives.