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Commit to Strengthen your Health and Well Being. We are living in complicated times. The coronavirus pandemic has exposed myriad health, economic, climate, and social stresses. Being savvy about self-care and using the tools of Integrative Health can help you face these challenges with confidence, wisdom, and creativity.

Living Whole Online: Commit to Hope

Strengthen Your Health and Well Being


Life right now is complicated. Many people are isolated, frightened and exhausted. Most of us feel that this challenging time will never end, and feel a sense of hopelessness, of avoidance. 

It is very easy to become entrenched in polarized views about how to solve myriad health, economic and social stresses. 

Leveraging Our Heightened Awareness

Free Courses

Introduction to Living Whole Online

The Doctor is IN



Whole, Plant-Based Foods


Introduction to Mind/Body/Spirit: MUSIC

Meditative Sound Bath



Movement balances and harmonizes us


SUPERHERO Meditation Course for KIDS

Day 1 Mindful Breath – Super Skill: Mindfulness

SUPERHERO Meditation Course for KIDS

Day 2 Breathing A Star Breath – Super Skill: Patience

SUPERHERO Meditation Course for KIDS

Day 3 Calming Breath – Super Skill: Empathy

During times like these, above all, we seek hope. Connection. We want to do more than survive…We want to THRIVE
Join us for these free programs and let’s get started!! 

Living Whole Online: Commit to Hope offers Integrative Health skills and self-care practices. Join a community of people who support one another and grow together.

Leveraging our Heightened Awareness
The coronavirus pandemic puts a spotlight on areas of struggle and suffering that are not new. Events of the past months…the chaos and uncertainty…have heightened our awareness. We can use this as leverage to jump to a new level of understanding of ourselves and of our evolution.

How can Living Whole Online help?

It takes 21-28 days to change a habit.

It takes 90 days to make a permanent lifestyle change.

Living Whole Online: Commit to Hope offers programs that will help you navigate the next weeks and months. We will help you break old habits that you want to leave behind and incorporate more self-care and healthful practices into your daily life.


  1. Free Introductory Programs.
  1. Thrive Series with experts in Integrative Health disciplines

Who Are We?

We are people who recognize that we are living in a new world
We want to thrive and have agency in this new world
We may live alone, live with partners, live with parents, live with children
We may care for aging parents and other loved ones
We may feel uncertain
We may feel lonely
We want to do our best with what we know when we know it
We want to be strong, powerful and grounded
We want to be with companions who understand
We want to help ourselves and others as best we can
We want to guide our lives with kindness, compassion wisdom and lightheartedness