Energy Practices

About Energy Practices

Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another
– Albert Einstein

Energy makes up our bodies and everything around us. Like water in a river, that energy can flow freely or can become blocked. Blocked energy causes all manner of mischief for human bodies: illness, pain, depression, anxiety and other symptoms.

We express and move energy in myriad ways through our creativity and free will. Self-care energy practices and creative expression through art, music and writing are offered through Living Whole Online. We hope that what you learn and what you express helps you grow and evolve during this challenging time.

When we listen, really listen, to ourselves, we feel, hear and see our energy and notice whether or not it is flowing freely. Put your finger on the pulse of your wrist and feel the energy of your heartbeat. Close your eyes and listen to the energy of your thoughts and breath. Lock eyes with another and listen deeply to that person or animal’s energy.
When we incorporate energy practices into our lives, we honor the reality of being in human form. The energy practices that you will learn in Living Whole Online will help you learn to listen, really listen, and keep your energy systems flowing with ease and grace and robustly support you as you face your life’s challenges.