DAY ACHESON has been a student of Jin Shin since 1995, and is a Jin Shin Jyutsu Institute authorized practitioner and self-help instructor. His education and career experience have given him: (1) analytical skills of science and engineering in aerospace and geophysics; (2) knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and human health in his body-therapy practice; and (3) the understanding of energy from his training and practice as a student of acupuncture and a teacher of qigong and taiji .

By developing a balance of the reasoning-mind and the intuitive-mind, DAY has an insightful view of how we ”tick” and enjoys sharing. His engagements of note include presentations at the High Touch Acupressure Annual Conferences in Friday Harbor, WA; the True North Annual Health Conferences in Falmouth, ME; and the Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Lenox, MA. He currently lives in Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA. 

“I am totally focused on helping us all remove any obstacles to personal health” – DAY