Springfield MUSEUMS

Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Springfield Museums is a nonprofit organization of five interdisciplinary museums built on tribal lands of the Pocumtuc and neighboring Mahican and Wampanoag peoples. Comprised of the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, Wood Museum of Springfield History, Springfield Science Museum, The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum, and the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden, the organization has served as an educational and cultural hub to the region since 1857. Through outstanding collections, exhibitions, and programs, the Museums seek to inspire exploration of our connections to art, history, and science while fostering curiosity, innovation, and intergenerational learning. The Springfield Museums has been accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, and is a Smithsonian Affiliate.

Never Stop Learning at the Springfield Museum

The Springfield Museums are pleased to collaborate with Living Whole Online with writing programs including Creative Writing, Facilitated by 
Theresa Chamberland

The Springfield Museums are pleased to collaborate with Living Whole Online with art programs including Zentangle, Facilitated by Annette Chittenden

Theresa Chamberland

After a lifetime of telling people, “What a great story—write that down,” I have become a storycatcher—someone who helps people capture their stories in print and video. As a storycatcher, I make space for writing and sharing stories in my Creative Writing and Memoir groups at the Springfield Museums; I love Wednesdays and Thursdays with my budding writers.

I wasn’t always a storycatcher. I changed careers many times in my life. Several years ago, I applied my education in English, film, and technology in novel ways and started my company, StoryCatcher Studios.

Besides facilitating writing groups, I produce video memoirs for individuals who want to record their stories for future generations. I also produce Memories of Wilmot, a series of video memoirs for a historical society in New Hampshire. Each year I edit videos of their elders into cohesive 20-25-minute stories. In 2018, I produced Presidential Footprints, a 1-hour documentary about Mount Holyoke College presidents.

Website: www.storycatcherstudios.com

Annette Chittenden

I have been messing around with art since my days in a high chair in the early 50’s. Eventually I became a certified art teacher and worked in New Haven Public Schools for 37 1/2 years. I think I learned more from that experience than I taught! I was privileged to work with amazing educators and am still in touch with former students. Retiring in 2015, I began a different life. Still learning, curious about the world I found an amazingly fun way to play with line, shape and color in the zentangle world. Through this experience I have met
more amazing people and am having the time of my life and still being challenged to learn new things. Isn’t that what life it is about? I enjoy helping others find the creativity hiding inside of them!