Joris PLU

International Relations & Business Consultant
& Professional Artist

For more than 30 years Joris Plu has helped people from all over the world learn how to handle their lives, jobs and personal and professional relationships in an overall positive and innovative way.

As a professional business & relations consultant, psychotherapist, writer and professional artist, he created many years ago a kind of ‘personal VIP painting’ for his worldwide clients. Because of his different professions and passions, Joris can detect very fast the way people are, how they feel, what can be done to support them, to help them heal certain issues in their lives.
He creates a personalized painting that when you hang it up in your house, shop or office, it will connect completely with you.
It is a wonderful abstract piece of art that reflects your inner self, your essence. He creates your painting the way he perceives you.

In his work with businesses, Joris focuses on the main asset of any business, which is the people, and helps them take a brand new look at their present and future situation. He does this in such a unique way that CEO’s, business owners, management and business teams feel much happier, more motivated and focused as never before. Using weekly mental top boost talks is one of his unique tools. As a result, businesses and people are much more successful in many new ways.

Very important words to Joris Plu about the way he works include:
listening – reflecting – problem solving – action – positivity – powering up – motivating – trust – empathy – creativity – focus – happiness – passion – gratitude – respect – success – relations

Joris has lived and worked in Brussels, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles and now in Marbella, Spain.

Marbella, Spain (Europe)
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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German & Spanish

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