Bill Manahan, MD is Assistant Professor Emeritus with the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  He is Past-President of the American Holistic Medical Association and author of the book, Eat for Health.  He founded The Wellness Center of Minnesota in 1982, one of the first physician-led integrative medicine centers in the country. In 1994, Bill co-founded Open Door Health Center in Mankato, MN, a clinic for the underserved and uninsured.  The clinic is presently serving over 5,000 people each year with over 15,000 yearly visits.

Bill also served, for many years, on the clinical faculty of Mayo Medical School in Rochester.  During that time, Bill had over 80 Mayo medical students spend two to six weeks with him in his office.  Bill helped pioneer two integrative medicine programs for medical students from North America. These programs are designed to educate and encourage medical students to become leaders in integrative medicine.  The programs are known as the Leadership and Education Program for Students in Integrative Medicine (LEAPS into IM) and the Humanistic Elective in Activism and Reflective Transformation and Integrative Medicine (HEART-IM). Both of these programs are supported by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA).